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Oat & Cranberry Cookie Mix (8mg CBD per cookie)

If you're having a super busy week and wondering how to cram in the time to bake, why not cheat a little by using a ready made cookie mix!

Here we are using Superfood Oat & Cranberry mix which is vegan friendly.

This recipe is 12 cookies, 8mg of CBD per serving.

Adjust the dosage up or down accordingly depending who will be eating it. First decide how much CBD you want in each cookie, check how much CBD is in a drop of your CBD oil and multiply by 12 to work out how much to put in the whole batch.

In this video we are using: Heart Hemp CBD 1000mg (10%) oil in a 10ml bottle 

1000mg/250drops = 4mg per drop (click here to view)

8mg per cookie = 2 drops per cookie

12 cookies x 2 drops = 24 drops total to be added to the mixture

Prepare and weigh all your ingredients first, you can watch along in real time with with our cook, Julie on our Youtube channel by clicking here.


Superfood Bakery cookie mix

75g butter or vegan butter

1 ripe banana

20g water

5g honey or maple syrup


1) Mash up the banana, add the egg, maple syrup & water and mix well together.

2) Add the cookie mix and combine all the ingredients

3) add CBD oil mixing thoroughly

4) spoon mixture onto a grease lined baking tray to make 12 cookies

5) Bake on 170c for just 15 minutes

 Yum!!  Enjoy!