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Our CBD Story

What do you get if you combine three Yam Yams, one Clay Head, a variety of health issues and a single eureka moment? The answer, as you’ve probably guessed, is Heart-Hemp Wellness.


We are Jules, John, Kelly and Scott, the team behind the business, and our story goes back to the early days of 2019, when the four of us sat discussing our respective aches and pains.

Kelly and Scott

Kelly, ever the worrier, wanted a good nights’ sleep. Scott, the gym bunny, suffered from painful muscle and joint aches after workouts. 

John and Jules

John wanted to reduce anxiety around stressful work projects, while Jules was tired of the neuropathy that caused her tingly feet.


We’d read about the wonders of CBD many years before, when one of us had a bowel cancer diagnosis and was looking for an alternative to surgery and chemotherapy. We could immediately see the tremendous potential of CBD, but at the time, there were very few products in the UK and the market seemed saturated in confusion, so our research ended there.


In recent years though, CBD has become widely available in the UK, and scientific research continues to showcase clear evidence for its effectiveness in treating a variety of ailments - including our collective health niggles!


So we embarked on an experiment. Each of us would select and buy a different CBD product that was specific to our ailment, and track any improvements in our health. Even our boxer dog, Chunk, with his fear of loud noises, was roped in as a participant!


At the end of each product, we’d try another, then another – all the while keeping notes and sharing our findings. We found clear correlations in the products that produced improvements, and began to pinpoint the type of product we had all benefited the most from.


As our research progressed, we also began to understand that not all CBD is created equally. In fact, there are huge differences in the quality, effectiveness and safety of the CBD products on the market today – something we wished we’d known when we first embarked on our experiment.


And that, of course, is when we had our big eureka moment - what if we used all our research to help others cut through the confusing jargon? What if we helped people understand what to look for in a CBD product, and how to make an informed decision? Better yet, what if we actually sourced these products for you?


That’s why Heart-Hemp was born. We believe everyone deserves to feel the best version of themselves, and it’s our mission to help you achieve that.


Our vision is to build a future free of stigma when the word ‘hemp’ is mentioned. We’re proud to distribute this amazing product, and we want you to experience its benefits too.


All our organically grown CBD oil products are manufactured here in the UK using hemp sourced from sustainable and highly regulated farms in the USA. Each of the CBD products we sell have 0% THC, making them perfectly safe and legal to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle.


As an ethical business, Heart-Hemp Wellness is passionate about sustainability, the environment and charity, which is why each of the partners and suppliers we work with have been selected specifically for their environmental commitment and ecological packaging.


We also pledge to donate to our chosen charity this year which is Acorns. Acorns provides care for babies, children and young people, who have life limiting or life threatening conditions across the West Midlands. 

More Info on Acorns