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Heart Hemp CBD Smoothie & Compote Mixed Berry (20mg CBD per serving)

In a hurry, this delicious smoothie & compote takes only 5 minutes to make our version is vegan friendly using dairy substitutes, you can use regular dairy products too.

The ingredients will make 1 x compote (20mg CBD) and 1 x smoothie (20mg CBD)

To calculate the oil we have used our 1000mg CBD Oil, which contains 4mg per drop, 5 drops per item, 10 drops in total.  Adjust your drops accordingly.

You can also watch our YouTube video click here

Compote Ingredients:

200g frozen berries

200g Greek yoghurt (we are using vegan coconut yoghurt)

Blend together till smooth

Add 10 drops of 1000mg oil

Blend again

Put half mix into a glass

Sprinkle on your choice of topping (we are using a home made vegan substitute granola)

Smoothie Ingredients:

If you want the smoothie then simply follow steps above and add:

150ml milk (we are using vegan coconut milk)

blend together

pout into tall glass and drink 


Sit back and enjoy the tangy goodness of the mixed berries!