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CBD Edibles (Novel Foods)

Novel foods are food products which contain additional nutritional benefits to support our physical or mental wellbeing. These products have only been introduced into the UK in the last few decades, but have been widely used in other parts of the world for centuries.

Examples of novel foods include chia seeds, goji berries, flax seeds, probiotic yoghurts, kefir and butter products which contain phytostanols or phytosterols to actively lower cholesterol. 

Food products which contain cannabidiol (CBD) are also considered novel foods, and in the last few years, all sorts of wonderful CBD-infused food and drink products have come onto the market - from botanical hemp-based gins and beers to CBD coffee, chocolate and flavoured nuts.

Heart-Hemp is working with a number of CBD novel food producers to bring some exciting new food products into our UK CBD range next year. Watch this space for more updates soon!


Heart Hemp cbd edible novel food

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Why Choose Heart Hemp CBD?

  • Quickly absorbed and great if you're on the go. 
  • Available in original or peppermint flavours. 
  • Made from natural, vegan ingredients. 
  • Uses hemp grown organically to high standards in Kentucky, USA. 
  • Free of all traces of THC. 
  • Every batch is lab tested to ensure quality and check it's 
  • completely THC free.

Trustpilot Reviews

Sharron K

I suffer greatly with arthritis and decided to give these products a try I used tincture ...I was very happy with the results and will definitely be purchasing more products in the very near future ..the service was second to none overall a very pleasing result

Mark C

I suffer from Crohn’s and AS, with having flare up current and the steroids helping some what, I decided to try the Broad Spectrum, I was skeptical to say the least. After a day, I was feeling ‘normal’ -ish. Price is decent and delivery was 2nd to none.

Hayley K

I’ve suffered really bad with period pains and nothing seemed to help, so I ordered 1000mg of tincture an honestly the pains have virtually disappeared. I would highly recommend anyone suffering to try CBD Oil, AMAZING